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Why See a Urologist

A urologist is a medical doctor whose area of specialisation deals with medical issues that are related to the urinary system; the kidneys, urethra, ureter and urinary bladder are components of the urinary system.

There are certain conditions that your family doctor or general practitioner needs specialist advice; your GP will be faced with no other option than to refer you to a doctor who is a specialist in that field and urinary or kidney problems are conditions of this nature.

Reasons Why You Need a Urologist

Specific signs and symptoms that point towards problems with the urinary system is an indicator that you should visit a urologist. Some of these conditions include painful urination, cloudy urine, blood in the urine, urinary incontinence, urinary urgency, disturbances of urine frequency, high PSA, etc. Men who have problems with their libido, erectile dysfunction and prostate problems must also schedule a visit to the urologist for a proper examination.

What to Expect When You Visit a Urologist

During your visit to the urologist, you will be given a cup or container and asked to urinate inside. The container with your urine sample will be labeled and sent to the laboratory for a dipstick test and urinalysis. These tests would help the doctor check for microscopic signs of urinary tract infection, bleeding and bacteria pus in your urine.

The urologist might also perform a pelvic examination and a prostate examination; this would allow him to examine the prostate gland. After this you doctor can give you an idea of the diagnosis or whether further tests are necessary to accurately come to a diagnosis.

Sometimes further tests are required like an ultrasound or blood tests, or a telescope examination of the bladder, prostate and urinating pipe. You doctor will advice you whether these are required.


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